A new Lion King musical show for Disneyland Paris in 2019

The first European tourist destination announced in the afternoon that it would welcome next year, in 2019, with a brand new musical show on the theme of the Lion King, at the Chaparral Theater. This news reflects Disneyland Paris’ desire to create new experiences for its visitors but also to contain its fans while waiting for the opening, from 2020, of new attractions at Walt Disney Studios Park.


The Lion King arrives at the Chaparral Theater for a new musical show

Rumours had it that some time ago a famous Disney franchise would set up in the heart of Frontierland and its Chaparral Theater to offer a new show to visitors, starting in 2019. Today, Disneyland Paris confirms this information by specifying that this new musical show will adopt the theme of the Lion King.

The animated film, released in 1994, remains very popular among European families and Disney fans, which will attract and gather most visitors around this show. We are already talking about a show with rhythm to the sound of the Tam-Tams to which projections will be added. The Disneyland Paris teams have enough to do with this theme. The film is full of songs and characters enjoyed by the Disney fan community.

The Lion King has been and still is the subject of numerous Disney shows around the world and at Disneyland Paris. Two years ago, Disneyland Paris invited us to discover for the first time Mickey and the Magician and the magic scene of the Lion King on the very famous song ” The circle of life” of which we all know the chorus. Today, the Musical is also played in New York on Broadway, in London or in Shanghai Disneyland where it has been translated into Mandarin. At Disneyland Paris, the Lion King, has already set foot on the ground since from 2004 to 2009, Videopolis Theater hosts the show The Legend of the Lion King.

A new show in a new Chaparral Theater

The Frontierland Theatre closed its doors at the end of the Christmas season to begin its destruction… and reconstruction. The bulldozers have reached the area in recent weeks to destroy the entire structure of the theatre. The destruction was completed last week. It will be reconstructed in much the same way according to rumours. If Disneyland Paris destroyed it, it was to further close the room (almost completely) and allow it to acquire new technical equipment but the main objective of this titanic work is the removal of the two (horrible) wooden posts that obscured the view of visitors sitting on the sides. The theatre should also increase in capacity since its area will increase by nearly 25%.

The theatre, opened in 1995 to increase the capacity of the park was originally open-air, then covered to suit the vagaries of the special climate of Marne-la-Vallée.

The construction of this new auditorium on the site of the old Chaparral Theater should begin within the next few weeks. The Disneyland Paris teams benefit from a tight schedule, with delivery scheduled for 2019, the construction will have to be completed quickly to give the performers time to take possession of the premises and the teams to install the sets. The arrival of this new show is excellent news, it will allow the destination to compensate for the lost shows with the end of the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the destination but also to make fans wait before the opening of the Iron Man version of Rock’n’roller Coaster in 2020.

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