Star Wars Battlefront 2 : Review

One of the most discussed games at this moment is Star Wars Battlefront II because of the microtransaction discussion.


We have played Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4


Star Wars Battlefront was a really cool Star Wars game, but the game was quite arcade-like and was abstinent with content. The good news is that Battlefront II is a lot better than the previous game.


Singleplayer Campaign

A lot of fans missed this part in the previous game and here it is! The story is about Iden Versio, who is also the daughter of a Imperial Admiral. In this amazing campaign, with stunning voice acting and a great performance, you will visit a lot of different and famous locations with Iden and you will meet Star Wars legends! The campaign takes 4 hours to complete.


Everything is Star Wars

The best thing about Battlefront II is that is literally breathes Star Wars. In this game, it really feels like coming home. The maps are stunning, the graphics are stunning, the music is stunning. This game is a real heaven for Star Wars fans.

Multiplayer Gameplay

The maps that you can play in are not only beautiful, they also offer a lot of variety. You can also choose to play as unique characters ( Chewbacca, Darth Maul and the newest additions Finn and Captain Phasma ) It was already part of the previous installment of this franchise, but there are a lot more possibilities in Battlefront II and the characters are more beautiful than ever before!


Starfighter Assault

In the Starfighter mode, you have 5 different maps where you can shoot enemy ships out of the air. It cost me some time to get used to this mode, but once you understand it, it is a lot of fun! The environments are really stunning and you have a lot of different Starfighters to fight with.


When I was trying to level up in the game, I began to know the current progression system, and it is bad. There are a lot of ways that you can see your progression but they are really unclear. You can also earn Credits, Crafting Points, Loot Crates, Star Cards and Crystals in the game and it is really hard to see the difference between them. This made my Battlefront II experience a lot less fun.


Battlefront II has a lot more to offer than the previous installment, and it gives a crazy spectacle with diffrent modes and gameplay. The only thing that needs improvement in this game is the progression. This game is really amazing to play and I definately recommend this game to everyone who loves Star Wars!

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